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Worst Weeds in Landscape Plantings

Field Horsetail - Equisetum arvensis

Field horsetail doesn't have true leaves. Rather many people think it looks like a pine tree seedling.Unlike the other weeds featured here, field horsetail, at right, doesn’t have true leaves. Rather, it produces clusters of short, needle-like branchlets at joints along the main stems. In areas heavily infested by horsetail it often appears as though the ground is covered by evergreen seedlings, below left.

Like other weeds featured here, horsetail is invasive and persistent because of vigorous, wide-spreading rhizomes. When disturbed, pieces of rhizomes no more than one half-inch in length can send up new shoots from a foot or more beneath the soil surface!

Landscape beds infested with horsetail often look like they're filled with pine seedlings.