Come to Central New York

The skyline of Syracuse doesn't begin to tell the real story of Central New York!I was thoroughly unimpressed as I drove into downtown Syracuse from Hancock International Airport in mid-February of 1987. It was battleship-gray, cold and it hadn't snowed in awhile which meant that everything looked dirty.

I had flown to Central New York from Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota - one of the cleanest metropolitan areas I've ever seen - for a job interview with Cornell Cooperative Extension - Onondaga County. I distinctly recall muttering "this is not going to work" as I drove south on Interstate 81 past ramshackle buildings, a huge junkyard and a vast complex of enormous oil tanks at the gateway to downtown Syracuse.

This is what Central New York looks like fifteen minutes from downtown Syracuse!To make a long story short . . . . . . . , was I wrong!

I got the job, met a wonderful woman who became my wife, started a small business and became something of a "celebrity" - all in the span of little more than a decade.

Along the way I've learned that there really isn't a better place to live, work, go to school, start a business, raise a family - and retire, too - than right here in Central New York!

Clean, fresh water is one thing we'll never run out of here in Central New York!Need more convincing?

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