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Worst Weeds in Landscape Plantings

Goutweed/Bishopís Weed -

Aegopodium podagraria `Variegatumí

Many people simply can't resist the variegated form of goutweed.Iíve practically had to handcuffed my Dad to stop him from transplanting clumps of this wildly invasive groundcover into his landscape! He, like many others, are defenseless against the variegated form of this plant, at right.

This plantís invasive habit is attributable to its wide-spreading rhizomes (creeping underground stems). They often become so intertwined with the roots of desirable plants in landscape beds that they become impossible to remove. They can also creep into adjacent lawn areas Goutweed can survive repeated mowing in lawns, then reinfest nearby landscape beds.where they then send up new shoots that can survive repeated mowing for years before infesting nearby landscape beds, at left!