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Worst Weeds in Landscape Plantings

Hedge and Field Bindweeds

Calystegia sepium and Convolvulus arvensis

The leaves of hedge bindweed, left, are much larger and have a pointed tip as compared to field bindweed, at right.For as maddening as the other weeds featured here are, be joyous if your property is free of field, at right in photo at right, and hedge bindweeds, at left in photo at right!

Both of these fast-growing, perennial vines are extremely well-adapted for long term survival and are therefore very difficult to completely eliminate from landscape plantings once they're well-established.

Because of their extraordinary vigor, you canít control either bindweed by pulling them from the ground. In fact, pulling up these vines will trigger new shoots to start growing from buds along their roots, resulting in more new plants!

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