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Research and Expert Witness Services

As non-controversial/adversarial as plants and landscaping might seem, there are instances - fortunately quite rare - in which disputes do arise.

Even shallow excavation can damage tree roots as they grow within a foot of the soil surface and outward 50 to 100 feet or more from the trunk!Examples of litigation in which my expertise and testimony has been called upon include:

Nursery and landscape plant valuation is one of the services that I can provide to clients.I've also mediate numerous disputes between contractors and property owners, and between neighbors regarding damage to existing plant materials and lawns caused by a variety of activities including excavation, pesticide applications, pruning practices, etc.

While it's my hope that these issues remain rare in their occurrence, should you find yourself in such a situation, please do call me as early in the process as possible. Oftentimes, an unbiased evaluation and the sharing of research-based information can lead to a resolution that's satisfactory to all parties without protracted, expensive and divisive litigation.