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 Overgrown Evergreens

Eastern Hemlock  (Tsuga)

Often planted at the corners of homes, hemlocks hrow into very large trees!The graceful branching habit and deep, forest-green foliage of this Central New York native makes eastern hemlock one of the most beautiful of all coniferous evergreens. The problem on all but the largest properties is that it is a very, very large tree. In fact, several specimens in Green Lakes State Park just east of Syracuse are reported to be well over 100 feet tall!

While there are likely more than fifty named cultivars and several more introduced every couple of years (mostly dwarf and miniature forms), few have been observed for several decades to confirm that they, in fact, remain small as they mature.

Eastern (Canadian) Hemlock
(Tsuga canadensis)
Six to twelve or more inches per year
Potentially more than one hundred feet tall and twenty to forty feet wide
`Coles Prostrate’ Hemlock
(Tsuga canadensis `Coles Prostrate’)
Three to six inches per year
Two to four feet tall and four to six feet wide
`Sargent’s Weeping’ Hemlock
(Tsuga canadensis var. sargentii , or `Pendula’)
Six to twelve inches or more per year
Ten to fifteen feet tall and twenty to forty feet wide