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Lilacs for Central New York Landscapes

Early-Blooming Lilacs

Not only are the members of this group the earliest-blooming of all lilacs, but they also tend to be quite resistant to mid-summer infections of powdery mildew. As a bonus, several cultivars display fair to good reddish fall foliage color.

As is the case with most lilacs, the cultivars in this group (except for `Purple Glory') all reach roughly eight to twelve feet tall and wide at maturity.

Soft pink
One of the earliest blooming of this group of early-bloomers!
Classic lilac lavender
Very fragrant blooms.
`Blanche Sweet'
Steel blue
Unique flower color with good fragrance.
`California Rose'
Very soft pink
The lightest pink of any lilac.
`Dark Night'
Intense purple
Neon purple flowers may be difficult to blend into the garden.
`Esther Staley'
Deep pink
Carmine red buds are as attractive as fully open flowers.
True pink
A reliably heavy-blooming plant.
`Maidenís Blush'
Rose pink
Hint of red makes the pink blooms of this plant really stand out.
`Mount Baker'
Pure white
Pure white blooms are very fragrant.
Flowers of this popular cultivar are traffic stoppers!
`Purple Glory'
This cultivarís claim to fame is its smaller size (six to eight feet tall and wide) for small spaces.
`Sister Justina'
The earliest-blooming white lilac. Has good fragrance.