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Answers to Your Questions

For more than twenty years I've answered Central New Yorker's questions regarding their lawns, landscapes and gardens in my newspaper columns and my television and radio shows.

While I'm continually adding questions and answers to this site, click on the links at right to see if maybe I've already answered yours?

If not, please contact me at your convenience and I'll do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

Quick Links

I recently received a call on my radio show about caring for strawberries growing in a raised bed. During the course of the conversation, I mentioned two excellent online resources for anyone interested in growing tree and/or small fruit at home. They are:

Cornell University's
"Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home"
Penn State University's
"Fruit Production for the Home Gardener - A Comprehensive Guide"

Also, on last week's show, I received a question on plants for an "edible" landscapes. Doing a little research, I found a couple of very helpful sites from the Ohio State University and the Montgomery County Maryland Department of Environmental Protection. The emphasis of both sites is that creative "edible" landscape plantings can incorporate much more than fruit-bearing shrubs and vines.

The Ohio State University
"Edible Landscaping"
Montgomery County Maryland Department of Environmental Protection
"Incredible, Edible Landscapes"

Finally, speaking of edible landscape plantings, click on the link below to see how one Chicago-area resident has managed to squeeze 97 apple trees and six blueberry bushes into his very ordinary back yard!

Gene's Backyard Orchard