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Intensive striping is a mowing effect that's currently quite popular. However, it's difficult to achieve unless a lawn is mowed high and contains a relatively high percentage of perennial ryegrass.An attractive, environmentally sensitive residential lawn or commercial turf doesn't just happen - it does require some effort. Fortunately, if these efforts are well-timed (quite often between Labor Day and Thanksgiving instead of Easter and Memorial Day), their results will be long-lasting and impressive.

Thatch is a layer of slowly decomposing grass stems, crowns and roots. If it becomes more than one-half inch think, it should be managed by a well-planned core aeration program. Also, thatch is not caused by leaving grass clippings on a lawn.Whether you're concerned about your home lawn - or acres of commercial or institutional turf, I can help you evaluate current conditions including the identification of existing weeds, insect pests and/or disease pressures - as well as thatch conditions (photo at left), sun/shade exposure, current management practices, etc.

The finger-like seedheads of crabgrass are a very good identification feature of crabgrass and are quite common along driveways and other hot, dry, sunny locations in late summer. Conversely, crabgrass is rarely a problem in shady lawns.While an involved analysis of current conditions may seem like overkill for simply identifying a couple of weeds and recommending a good weedkiller to get rid of them, rarely is a lawn problem quite that simple. For example, while you can reduce crabgrass infestations (photo at right) with herbicides, they'll likely keep coming back unless to change your mowing and fertilization practices.

Once we understand the conditions impacting your lawn or turf, I can then work with you to develop the best combination and timing of strategies (fertilization, mowing, aeration, overseeding, pesticide applications, etc.) for addressing your concerns.