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Landscape, Lawn and Garden Coaching

Here, I'm coaching a client as he transplants perennials from one location to another in his landscape.As difficult as I sometimes make them sound in my "Let's Get Growing" newspaper column and on my radio and television programs (and on this website, too), lawn and landscape tasks aren't brain surgery. In fact, unless they require climbing up into a tree or operating heavy equipment there are very few tasks that you can't accomplish successfully on your own with a little encouragement - and coaching (photo at right).

Pruning is a task that intimidates many gardeners. I can coach you on the proper way to prune all of the trees, shrubs and vines in your landscape and garden with confidence.To get you "growing" on your own, below is a short list of some of the types of lawn, landscape and garden tasks I can assist you with during one-on-one coaching sessions:

Pruning all types of trees (including fruit trees), shrubs and vines (including grape vines, wisteria, clematis, etc.).

Planning and installation of tree and small fruit plantings.

Transplanting trees and shrubs.

Digging, dividing and transplanting perennials, ornamental grasses and/or other plants in your landscape and gardens.

Identification of landscape plants (this can be especially helpful when purchasing a home with existing landscape plantings).

The goal by the end of each session will be to have you performing - with confidence - the tasks you previously felt were beyond your ability.